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Value Added Tax (VAT)


Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0 brings to you a hassle free VAT management experience powered by simplicity, speed and unparalleled accuracy. The comprehensive VAT operations cover:

Regular VAT

CST, Exports and Imports

Works Contract

Additional Tax

State specific cesses


  • Tally.ERP 9 identifies the nature of a transaction and duly calculates VAT, based on the details entered in the masters.
  • Sales and purchases inclusive of VAT can be recorded by applying a simple configuration.
Saves time and effort, since most functions are just a configuration away.

Ensures that lack of expertise over VAT is not a hindrance to manage the company's statutory compliance.
  • Create or modify tax rates suited to your business operations.
  • Stay up-to-date with the statutory changes and hence assured compliance as per statute.
  • Create nature of transactions (For example: exempt, or export) as and when your business requires it.
With complete control over VAT classifications and VAT rates, you can function without any concerns to be VAT compliant.
  • View the summary of transactions to see the implication of each transaction on VAT.
  • Know the transactions that are included for generating the returns.
  • Identify the uncertain transactions, their reasons and exceptions.
  • Systematically resolve the exceptions, and save the changes from within the reports itself.
You can be assured that the returns that you filing is accurate, and has no errors or omissions.
  • Generate returns as and when required so as to correct errors instantly.
  • Modify a return and save the final version to facilitate annual auditing.

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Andhra Pradesh








Tamil Nadu


Uttar Pradesh