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Upcoming Statutory


 Statutory Updates for Taxation Modules,
                                             Returns and Annexures

In view of the latest statutory requirements and the increasing compliance by businesses falling under the purview of Value Added Tax, various enhancements are being introduced in Tally.ERP 9. These business specific enhancements pertaining to changes in VAT Rates, Forms and Annexures etc. are provided for each State to ensure smooth functioning of day-to-day operations and timely filing of VAT Returns in the physical as well as the electronic modes as per the requirements of the Department.

Updates pertaining to Stat Release 226

Service Tax
♦ ST 3 e-filing is supported in XML format as per the latest statutory norms
♦ Provision for quarter wise breakup in ST 3 half yearly report is provided, when
   the type of organization is a Firm or Individual/Proprietary or Partnership
♦ The Sub clauses and Service codes are updated for all Service Categories
♦ ST 3 is enhanced to capture Challan no., date and BSR code details

Value Added Tax

♦ Delhi
    e-VAT Annexures 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D are enhanced as per the latest amendment
    DVAT 30, DVAT 30A, DVAT 31, DVAT 31A and DVAT 51 are enhanced for the
       following VAT/Tax Classifications:
       ο Purchases Against Form - H (Within State)
       ο Purchases (Against Form - H (Deemed Export)
       ο Sales Against Form-H (Within State)
       ο Branch Transfer Inward
       ο Branch Transfer Outward
    New VAT rates are supported for Delhi Composite Traders for purchase and sales,
       w.e.f 01.04.2013

♦ Jammu & Kashmir
    eVAT Form 11 and eVAT Annexures are enhanced, as per the new statutory norms

Upcoming Releases

Indian Taxation
The following will be supported in the upcoming release:

Corporate Identification Number (CIN)
Printing of CIN number on invoices will be provided for Companies registered under Companies Act with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) w.e.f. 1-4-2014.

Tax Deducted at Source
The eTDS returns for Forms 26Q and 27Q will be enhanced for Original Returns as well as Revised Returns

Value Added Tax

♦ Arunachal Pradesh
   The eVAT Annexures for Interstate purchase details and online form
      requisition will be provided as per the requirements

♦ Delhi
   The Physical VAT Annexures for Regular dealers will be enhanced as per
      the latest amendments

♦ Karnataka
   The e-VAT Annexures will be enhanced as per the latest templates

♦ Rajasthan
   The e-filing facility for Form 10A will be provided as per the requirement

♦ West Bengal
   The e-filing facility for Form 14 and eCST Return will be enhanced as per the
      latest version

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