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Excise for Manufacturers (CENVAT)


The Tally.ERP 9 Excise allows you to maintain Central Excise records for multiple Excise units. This can be done for Dealers and Manufacturers in a single company.

Ad valorem, ad quantum and MRP-based valuation methods for Excise duty calculation are fully supported, including for exempt and special rates.

Expenses/income can be apportioned for calculation of assessable value, either by Value or by Quantity.

A single Excise Invoice book can be maintained for all purposes of removals as per rule 11. An option lets you maintain multiple Excise Invoice books as well, generating the serial numbers as a single running series.

CENVAT credit during purchase entry can be availed fully or partially with the balance credit taken in a separate entry.

Service Tax and CENVAT input credit can be utilised towards Excise Duty payable.

These Excise Manufacturing Reports are available:
• Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
• ER1 - Monthly Return
• GAR 7
• Record of CENVAT Credit Allowable on Capital Goods (RG23 C Part II)
• Records of CENVAT Credit Allowable on Inputs (RG23 A PartII)
• Rule 11 Invoice
• Daily Stock Account (RG 1 Register)
• Sales Register

Combined with FBT, TCS, CST, VAT, TDS, Service Tax, Excise for Dealers and others, Tally.ERP 9 comes with complete statutory taxation coverage.