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Tally Sales

Sales of Tally.ERP 9 and Shoper 9 are done through an extensive, well connected network of Tally Partners. No matter where you are, one of our 12000 Tally Partners is not far away.

Our Partners will provide you with personalised attention. We suggest that you discuss your requirements with them. Our partners will be glad to help establish the right fit, configure and implement the product, provide advise on hardware and communication requirements, and deliver an optimum solution.

Our Sales Partners will readily provide these 'sales' services:

• New licenses
• Additional licenses
• Upgrades (say Silver to Gold)
• Cross Upgrades (say Silver 7.2 to Tally.ERP 9 Gold)
• Competitive Upgrades (other products to Tally.ERP 9)
• Tally.NET subscriptions

Most of our Sales Partners also deliver associated services – depending on your requirements, you could also deal with partners who provide complete sales and support services.

Click here to locate a Sales Partner closest to you.

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