Form 26

Form 26 is an Annual return for deduction of tax in respect of payments made to residents other than salary.

To print Form 26

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > TDS Reports > Return > Form 26

In Printing TDS Form 26 press Backspace to make changes in Person Responsible Details or Other Details fields. Press enter to view print preview of Form 26

The print preview of Form 26 appears as shown


Field description of Form 26

  1. Particulars of the person making deduction of Tax: Displays the Name and Address details of the person making deduction of tax along with Tax Deduction Account Number and Permanent Account Number.

  2. Has address of the person making deduction of tax changed: Tick the appropriate Box.

  3. Status as defined within the meaning of section 204 read with rule 30: As selected in the TDS Deductor field the appropriate box will be ticked.

a.  Please tick the boxes below indicating the section and type of payment (other than salaries) made during the year from which tax was required to be deducted at source by you under the income tax Act 1961: Tick the appropriate boxes

b. Please furnish information in separate Annexures as per the enclosed proforma for each type of payment indicated in  item (a):  Separate annexure to be submitted for each type of payment.

  1. Details of tax deducted and paid to the credit of the Central Government: Displays the details of tax deducted and deposited

  2. Section Code: Displays the Section code of the type of payment.

  3. TDS: Displays the TDS amount

  4. Surcharge: Displays the Surcharge amount

  5. Education Cess: Displays the Education Cess

  6. Interest: Displays the Interest amount, if any.

  7. Others: Gives the details of any other amount paid, if any.

  8. Total Tax Deposited: Displays total tax amount deposited

  9. Cheque/DD No if any: Displays the cheque/DD no if any.

  10. BSR Code: Displays the BSR Code of the Bank Branch

  11. Date on Which Tax Deposited: Displays the date on which the tax deposited

  12. Transfer Voucher/Challan Serial Number: Displays the transfer voucher or Challan Serial number

  13. Whether TDS deposited by book entry: Gives the details as Yes or no depending on the book entry for the TDS deposit.