Value Added Tax

To view the VAT / CST Payable Summary report as required under section 43B,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > 44AB Audit > Value Added Tax

The VAT / CST Payable Summary screen displays summary reports for Output Tax payable, Available Input Tax Credit, Tax Payable after adjusting the available credit, Tax Paid and the Tax Amount for each along with the Audit Status for respective report.

Payment disallowed displays the Tax Paid amount that is disallowed at VAT Payment during the Audit process.

Note: Payment Disallowed line will appear only if the Auditor disallows VAT Payment during the Audit process.

Button options for VAT / CST Payments screen

F: Form 3CD

Click on F: Form 3CD or press Alt+F to fill in Form 3CD for Details of Payments under Section 43B.

C: Clause Reference

For details, refer Clause Reference.

F12: Configure

Click on F12: Configure button or press F12 Key to Hide/Show the Audit Status.


The user can drill down to view the following reports from the VAT / CST Payable Summary screen:

Drilling down from Payment Disallowed will take the Auditor to the VAT Payment Vouchers screen displaying the VAT Payment Details (Disallowed Vouchers).