Payroll Monthly Summary for Bonus

To view the Payroll Monthly Summary report for Bonus Paid,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > 44AB Audit > Bonus, PF, ESI Recoveries > Bonus Paid

The Payroll Monthly Summary screen for Bonus displays the Amount Paid to the employees towards Bonus during the given period.

Column Details:

Button option in the Payroll Monthly Summary for Bonus

F5: Masters

Click on F5: Masters or press F5 key to view the List of Pay Heads. Auditor can use this information to verify the Ledger classifications for Payroll.

F6: Payment Summary

The Auditor can click on F6: Payment Summary button or press F6 Key to view the Payment Summary based on the Reports selected. For more details on the Payment Summary reports visit:

C: Clause Reference

For details, refer Clause Reference

F12: Configure

Click on F12: Configure button or press F12 key to view/hide the Audit Details for the Vouchers in the Monthly Summary screen.


You can drill down from Payroll Monthly Summary report by clicking on the month in which Bonus Payment is made to view the Payroll Audit report for Bonus paid.