TDS Bills - Marked as Not Applicable


The report for TDS Bills- Marked as Not Applicable displays the details of the TDS Bills for which Tax is not deducted as the Nature of Payment is selected as Not Applicable during the Voucher Entry.

To view the Expense-wise TDS Bills for the Marked as Not Applicable entries,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > 44AB Audit > Tax Deducted at Source > Marked as Not Applicable

Note:  To view the Party-wise or Nature of Payment-wise TDS Bills, drill down from the Party Summary or Nature of payment Summary respectively.


The TDS Bills screen displays the Bill Reference details for the TDS entries for the selected Expense Ledger. This report also displays the Nature of Payment, Assessable Value, Tax Rate and Audit details.

The button options and other navigations for this screen are similar to the TDS Bills- Deducted on Time.