Table Search Capability of Tally.ERP 9


Current Search Capability

The current Table Search capability in Tally.ERP 9, allows the user to highlight a particular set of Names based on the search text entered in the field. The text is searched from the beginning of the names in the list (This type of search is called “Starts with” search) and search is applicable only to the first column of the table/list.

Example: Stock Item search in Sales Voucher


In the above case names are searched based on the text entered – N, in the Name of Item field and search is applicable only to the first column (Name of Item) in the table. Even after the relevant names are searched and highlighted, all the names (not required) are also displayed in the list/Table.

Let’s take scenarios,

1. Where there are large numbers of names in the list/table and it is impossible for the user to remember the starting characters of the names. He may remember only a part of the name which he wants (required) to search.

2. After search, display only the relevant names based on the search text and not all the names in the table/list.

The current search capability doesn’t support the above scenarios. To provide Quick and flexible search, the table search capability in Tally.ERP 9 has been enhanced.

New Search Capability – “Contains” Search

The latest enhancement to table search allows the user to search a text from any part of the name which appears in the list. The table keeps on reducing and displaying only those names which fulfill the search criteria. Now it is also possible to specify whether the search criteria should be applicable only on first column or all columns of the table.

Enhanced search is based on the configuration settings. To configure table search, in Advanced Configuration (Ctrl +Atl + F12 from Gateway of Tally) Or F12: Configuration > General following Configuration options are provided

Advanced Configuration (Ctrl +Alt + F12 from Gateway of Tally) - Table Configuration Screen appears as shown


By default, both the above options will be set to Yes.  User can alter/change configuration settings at any point of time.

Note: The option Apply for all columns is a sub- option and is displayed only when the option Use       ‘Reducing List’ for Tables is enabled.

Table Configurations can also be done form F12: Configuration > General


Let us now see the New Search Capability of Tally.ERP 9

The Name based search will display the information as shown below:


The search can also be performed in a List/Table containing multiple columns by providing the the necessary search keyword. e.g. search for Quantity of Items.

The Quantity based search (in the second column) to select required item is as shown


Tally.ERP 9 displays all the stock items containing Numeric 4


Table Search

In Tally.ERP 9, Table Search means select (identify) a company, stock Item, Ledger, Group, stock Group, Cost Centers etc. from the List.

For example:

1. Select a Company from List of Companies


List of Companies is called table (which contains names of companies in the selected path).

2. Select a Ledger from List of Ledger Accounts in a Voucher


List of Ledger Accounts is called table (which contains names of Ledgers)

3. Select a Stock Item  from List of Items in a Voucher


 List of Items is called table (which contains names of Stock Item)

Similarly, where ever List is displayed to select any thing say ledger, valuation methods, groups, units of Measurement, Tax Type, TDS nature of payment, Service Categories, Voucher Types, Pay head Types etc. is called Table.