Accounting Service Tax Expenses or Purchases in Payment Voucher

In some cases users will be making payment towards expenses on which Service Taxis applicable and want to record expenses through Payment Voucher.

Example: Payment of Telephone Bill inclusive of Tax through Payment Voucher

In Tally.ERP 9 Release 3.0, Service Tax expenses or purchases can be accounted in Payment voucher

Example: On 17-4-2012 ABC Company is making payment towards Telephone Bill of Rs.5,618 (Inclusive of Service Tax)

Step 1: Create Expenses Ledger

To create the Service Expense Ledger

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Ledgers > Create

Note: All the Expenses subject to Service Tax have to be associated with relevant predefined Service Category.


The option Any can be selected from the List of Service Categories, where the user doesn't want to define the Service Category during Ledger creation. This allows the user to use an Purchase/Expense Ledger (as a common ledger) to account multiple Service Categories.


From Rel 4.8 an option to provide Bank Details is provided in the Ledger Master.


  1. Press Enter to save.

Record the transaction in Payment Voucher

To record the Payment Voucher

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F5: Payment

  1. Press F2 and change the date to 17-4-2012

  2. In Debit field select Telephone Expenses ledger and press enter to view Payment Type screen

  3. In Service Tax Payment Type screen select Expenses and press Enter to view Service Tax Details screen

  1. In Service Tax Details screen

  2. Type of Ref: Select New Ref from the Method of Adjustment. New Ref is selected for new financial  transactions.

  3. Name:  Tally.ERP 9 displays the reference number, which is a combination of abbreviation of Journal and Voucher Number and Line Number (example: Pymt/3-1) which can be changed by the user. Input service credit are tracked with these Reference Numbers.

  4. Party Ledger: In this field mention the name of the party to whom the payment is made.

Note: To select the party ledger, it is must to have a party ledger created.

  1. In Amount field the Service Amount of Rs. 5000 will be defaulted automatically

  2. In Debit field select Service  Tax Ledger e.g. Service Tax @ 12%. Service Tax amount will be calculated and displayed automatically.

  3. In Debit field select Education Cess Ledger e.g. Education Cess @ 2%. Education Cess amount will be calculated and displayed automatically.

  4. In Debit field select Secondary Education Cess Ledger e.g. Secondary Education Cess @ 1%. Secondary Education Cess amount will be calculated and displayed automatically.

  5. In Credit field select the Bank/Cash Ledger depending on the Nature of Payment. Total amount  (Rs. 5,618) of Service Cost plus the Service Tax will be displayed in Amount column.

The completed Payment Voucher is displayed as shown

  1. Press Enter to save and Accept.

Note: Recording of Service Tax Expenses or Purchases in Payment Voucher is also supported in Single Entry Mode.