Service Sales Ledger

To create the Service Sales Ledger

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Ledgers > Create

Note: All the sales/incomes subject to Service Tax have to be associated with relevant predefined Service Category.


The Default Service Category specified in the Sales Ledger can be overridden during Voucher entry.


From Rel 4.8 an option to provide Bank Details is provided in the Ledger Master.


Note: The option Any can be selected from the List of Service Categories, where the user doesn't want to define the Service Category during Ledger creation. This allows the user to use an sales/income Ledger (as a common ledger) to account multiple Service Categories.

  1. Press Enter to save.

Note: Depending on the company's accounting practices, sale of services can be accounted by creating service ledger under Direct Incomes or Indirect Incomes or Sales.