Split Data based on Financial Years

Storing data in the same company for a few years has a lot of advantages, even though the data size increases which in turn affects the overall performance of the computer. Tally.ERP 9 allows the user to split the data based on financial years which will reduce the volume of the data, thereby reducing the load on the computer.

When the user splits the data based on different financial years, new companies are created for the respective split periods and the entire data is retained in the original company.

Important pre-split activity

Before splitting the data the user must ensure that the following precautions are taken, failing which, could result in mismatched information:

  1. All unadjusted Forex Gains/Losses have been fully adjusted by journal entries. Verify that this item does not appear in the Balance Sheet.

  2. There are no Purchase Bills/Sales Bills due. Check the Profit & Loss Account and Inventory Statements – Purchase/Sales Bills Pending. The user has to account them to the respective party accounts or to respective Bills Pending Account.

  3. Ensure that a backup of the data exists.

Note: For users of Sales/Purchase Order Processing features: Open sales/purchase orders will not be carried forward on splitting. The user has to re-enter the outstanding orders after splitting the company. Similarly data pertaining to a cost centre is not carried forward.

Click on Splitting Data, to read the step by step procedure on splitting data.