Display Columnar Sales Register


Tally.ERP 9 provides you the capability to generate columnar reports for different periods. Select the option F5: Columnar from the button bar, in the Sales Voucher Register screen.

The following screen is displayed.


Set the options listed to Yes or No, depending on how you want the Sales Register to be displayed.

Type of Column

Select the type of column from the screen.


If you select Ledger or Group as Type of Column, you will be provided with one more list for choosing the ledger/group. Your choice will be displayed under Name of Account.

All Items (automatic columns)

If this option is selected, every ledger account will be displayed in separate column.


All Item (in one col.)

If this option is selected, all the ledger accounts are displayed in one single column.



You can also select a group of ledger accounts to be displayed together in one column, e.g., Sales accounts. For other columns, you can use the additional options, namely Related accounts (automatic columns) or Related Items (in one col.).


The following screen is displayed.


Related Items (automatic columns or in one column)

Related items means all the ledger accounts used in a voucher. Hence, the report will be similar to All Items (automatic columns). This option is helpful when used in conjunction with a Group or a specific ledger account in the first column.


The following screen is displayed.



Select a specific ledger account e.g., VAT/Sales Tax. All other accounts can be put in one or more columns.



The following screen is displayed.


Change Voucher Types

Use this button to view a different register from within an existing register. E.g. If you are in Sales Register and want to view the Payment register, press F4: Chg Vch and select Payment.



Payment Register