Display Balance Sheet

A Balance Sheet is a financial statement that reports a firm's financial position at a specific time. The term balance sheet implies that a report shows the balance between two figures. It shows a balance between the assets and liabilities of a firm and the owner's funds. The fundamental accounting equation applicable is therefore, Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity.

To view the Balance Sheet:

Go to Gateway of Tally > Balance Sheet


Press F12: Configuration and set the required parameters to display the Balance Sheet according to your preferences.

Note: Balance Sheet gets updated instantly with every transaction voucher that is entered and saved. You can view additional information or toggle to another report using the options available in the Button Bar.

Some of the Button Bar options are

Schedule VI Balance Sheet

A new button S: Schedule VI has been provided in Balance Sheet screen to view Schedule VI Balance Sheet.


Clink on S: Schedule VI button of press Alt+S to view Schedule VI Balance Sheet

The Schedule VI Balance Sheet is displayed as shown:

Click here to know more about Schedule-VI Balance Sheet