Creating a Payment Entry with Narration for each Entry


If you want the narration details for every ledger you debit or credit (Single narration), you can configure Tally.ERP's Narration details accordingly.

To activate the option Narration for each entry,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Information > Voucher Types > Alter

  1. Select the required Voucher Type.

  2. Enable the option Narrations for each Entry and accept the details.

  3. Return to Accounting Vouchers in Gateway of Tally and select the voucher type and pass the entry.


Narration for each entry option is available for all Accounting Voucher Types.  Given below is an example of a Payment transaction with narrations for each entry enabled:


The above entry consists of both common narration and narrations for each entry.  In case of multiple debit/credit entries, you can give single line narration separately for every ledger account selected.

Special Keys for Voucher Narration Field