Creating Compound Units of Measure

A Compound Unit is a relation between two Simple Units. Hence, before you create a Compound Unit, ensure that you have already created two Simple Units.


To Create Compound unit – Doz (Dozen) of 12 Nos (Numbers), you have to create two simple units,  Doz (Dozen) and Nos (Numbers) and set the conversion factor as 12.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info > Units of Measure > Create

The Unit Creation screen is displayed as shown. Now Click on Type field or Press SHIFT + TAB or Press Backspace Key.

Select Compound from the Types of Units and press Enter. The Conversion field will be displayed for creating Compound unit.

Field Information:

First unit: Select the First unit from the Units List. In the above example, Dozen will be the First Unit.

Conversion: Specify the conversion Factor. In the above example, Conversion factor will be 12.

Second Unit: Specify the Second Unit from the Units List. In the above example, Number will be the Second Unit. This unit is also called Tail Unit.

Use CTRL + A or Accept the Screen for Saving of Compound Unit Creation.