Creating a Group Company

A Group Company can be created only for companies that have already been loaded. Hence, you must first load the companies whose accounts are to be grouped. Select the companies using F1:Select Cmp button.

Tally.ERP 9 now displays two company names in the Gateway of Tally.


Note: The Company which is in bold, is the active company. Here, Company A is the active company.


Use Alt+F3 to get the company info Menu in which there is an additional option Create Group Company (this is available only when two or more companies are loaded)

Press  Enter on Create Group Company.  The Group Company Creation screen is displayed.

All the loaded companies are displayed under List of companies. Select the member companies from the List of companies and accept to Create the Group Company.

Note: If your business uses Tally.Server 9 to maintain data, follow the steps given for Creating a Company on Tally.Server 9.

You can Create a Group Company on Tally.Server 9/local directory, consisting of member companies from local directories as well as Tally.Server 9.

At the Gateway of Tally, Tally.ERP 9 displays  AB Group company and the member companies. You can close the member companies by pressing Alt+F1, so that only the Group Company is displayed in the  Gateway of Tally.


1. Entering a Transaction is not possible in Group Company, that is, in AB Group company. [You have to enter the transaction in a member company only, that is, Company A or Company B]

2. The Group company will give the summary (report) level consolidation and NOT transaction (voucher) level consolidation (that is, NO Merging of vouchers)

3. The member companies of a Group Company should have the same Base Currency Symbol and Formal Name (you cannot group a company with $ as symbol with another company having Rs. as the currency symbol)