Confirmation Statements

Confirmation Statements is used to send confirmation of account balance to customers, suppliers, lenders and borrowers.

You can configure the Confirmation Statement as per your requirement.

Go to Gateway of Tally > F12 Configuration > Printing > Confirmation Statements

Print Company Logo

This option will be set to Yes in case it was already enabled in F11: Accounting Features.

Set this option to No if you do not want the Company Logo to be printed in the Confirmation of Accounts.

Note: The field Location of Logo is also displayed in Printing Ledger screen while opting to print Confirmation of A/cs. The logo path can be changed temporarily based on your requirement.

Space to leave on top (default 0.5 inch): By default this field is set to 0.5 inch. However, you can change it as per your requirement.

Titling for ‘Subject’ in Letter: The default text is Confirmation of Accounts. You have the option of changing it as per your requirement.

Information in First Paragraph and Information in Second Paragraph: The information provided in these two fields can be edited as per your requirement.

Sign-off used for the Letter: The default text can be changed in this field also.


Printing Confirmation Statement

Mass Mailing Confirmation Statements