Company Information

The first step to get started in Tally.ERP 9, is to Create a Company. The initial screen appears as shown:

The Gateway of Tally screen is divided into six sections, namely Horizontal Button Bar, Main Area (Ctrl+M), Info. Panel, Calculator Area (Ctrl+N), Task Bar and Vertical Button Bar.

The elements of the Gateway of Tally screen are explained below:

Horizontal Button Bar

The Buttons, Print (Alt+P), Export (Alt+E), E-mail (Alt+M), Upload (Alt+O), Language (Ctrl+L), Keyboard (Ctrl+K), Control Centre (Ctrl+K), Support Centre (Ctrl+H) and Help (Alt+H) can be seen in the Horizontal Button Bar.

Control Centre (Ctrl+K) – Login to the Control Centre for account management

Support Centre (Ctrl+H) – To access support incidents, queries and track the resolution status

Help (Alt+H) – To access Tally.ERP's online context-sensitive help

Main Area (Gateway of Tally)

The Main Area is separated into two:

  1. Left-hand side area

  2. Right-hand side area

The left-hand side provides information on Current Period, Current Date and List of Selected Companies (Name of the company and the date when last entry has been made).

The right-hand side displays the Company Information menu such as Select a Company, Create a Company, Backup a Company or Restore a Company and so on.

Hot Keys

Hot keys are capitalized and appear in red colour on all the menus. Using the Hot Keys in Company Info menu will take you to the relevant screen or sub - menus within the selected option.

Info. Panel

The Information Panel or Info Panel as it is widely known appears at the bottom part of the screen. It is divided into five blocks, the first four block give you vital information on the various aspects of the product installed on your computer where as the last block contains the calculator.

The user, based on his requirement can hide the Info Panel to give you a larger working area. To hide the Info Panel click on the [x] close button, a green colour band appears with a ^ (up arrow symbol) indicating the info panel is hidden. To un-hide the Info panel click anywhere within the hidden Info Panel or activate the Calculator Pane by pressing Ctrl+N.

By default the Info Panel is displayed in Gateway of Tally or the Company Info menu and remains hidden in other screens or reports. To display the Info Panel in all the screens or reports click any where within the hidden Info Panel.

To always display the Info Panel across all the screens or reports follow the steps shown:

Go to Gateway of Tally > F12: Configuration Menu > General


In the Company Info or Gateway of Tally

A brief write-up about each block of information panel is given below for your benefit

Product Block

The product block of the information panel displays the Tally.ERP 9 logo.  You can click on the Product band to access the Product Details screen or click on the Tally.ERP 9 logo to visit

In the Product Details screen highlight the required option and press Enter to visit the download page and get latest information about various aspects of the product.

Version Block

The Version block displays important product information such as

Highlight the required option and press Enter to get the latest information on various aspects of the product.

License Block

The License Block displays information related to the product licensing such as

Configuration Block

The configuration block of the information panel displays the following information

Calculator Pane

The Calculator Pane allows you to perform simple and complex mathematical operations required by the user eliminating the need of an additional calculator at his desk. To activate the calculator press Ctrl+N or click within the Calculator Pane where ever it is displayed.  

Task Bar

The menu path appears in the lower left corner of the Bottom pane.

The Current Date (system date). three letter day, date, month and year are displayed in DDD, DD, MMM, YYYY format on the right-hand side.

System Time appears on the lower-right corner in Hour: Minutes: Seconds (HH/MM/SS) format.

Button Bar

The buttons are designed to make the work easier and faster, they vary from one screen to another based on the screen functionality. They appear on the right hand side of the Tally.ERP 9 screen and the inactive buttons are greyed out. You can either click these buttons or press the shortcut keys to access the relevant screen.

The following are some of the buttons and their functions:

F1: Select Cmp – To select the company from the List of Companies and access data from other data directories on the local system or through the network. You can also access the Directory field by pressing [Backspace].  

F12: Configure – To access the configuration settings to manage the information entered in Tally.ERP 9. For example, you can access the General Configuration to set country specific defaults, before creating a company.

Buttons where a character or function key is underlined indicates that you have to press underlined character or the function key along with [ALT] key.

Buttons where a character or function key is double underlined indicates, you have to press the character or the function key along with [CTRL] key.  

Close Button

The Close Button in the upper right corner functions similar to the use of Esc in Tally.ERP 9. It brings you to back to the Gateway of Tally.ERP 9 from any screen.

Minimise Button

The Minimise button performs the standard Windows Operating System’s function, allowing you to minimize Tally.ERP 9 and work on other applications. To restore Tally.ERP 9, click on the Tally.ERP 9 icon on the taskbar.