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Thank you for your interest in our pre-recorded Webinars. We hope to provide training that helps you get structured and more productive!

These webinars require you to have a WebEx player on your system. In addition to the WebEx player, you need to have speakers or headphones connected to your computer system.

Steps to install the Webex Player:

• Click here to download Webex Player
• Then click "Save"
• Select the location on your computer to download this file.
• Once the Download is completed, a file by the name "ATRECPLY.exe" will be created on your computer.
• Double click "Atrecply.exe".
• If "Security Warning" dialog box appears, click on "Run" to start setup.
• Click “Next” on the Welcome Screen.
• On the next screen select "Custom Setup" & click next.
• Click "Webex Player" & select "This feature will be installed on local hard drive" & Click "Next".
• Click "Finish" to complete the setup.

 Remote Access (Hindi)
Accessing data remotely is not new - this technology has been around for years now. So what is it about the 'new' Tally.ERP 9 Remote Access?

 Tally for Multi Location Offices
If you have more than one location from where business is transacted, this webinar is for you. Tally.ERP 9 comes with several capabilities to enable you to manage a distributed business easily. There are powerful and simple ways to keep data flowing between these locations. There are many ways to look at consolidated information, and there are reports to compare branch performance.
 Remote Access (English)
Accessing data remotely is not new - this technology has been around for years now. So what is it about the 'new' Tally.ERP 9 Remote Access?

 TallyERP 9 for Business Owners
This webinar is focused on a few areas that business owners can leverage for improved control and operational efficiencies. An 'owner' here implies decision makers - people who need to keep a watch on the pulse of the organisation.

It is well known that the top 20% customers contribute 80% revenues - in what way does Tally.ERP 9 provide you with data to help retain them? Interest costs eat away into the bottom line - how do you keep your eye on this erosion of profits? You will see these and more in this interactive webinar.

The power of being in touch remotely, and in control of your business is increasingly becoming critical. This path breaking capability of Tally.ERP 9 will also be detailed.

 TallyERP 9 - Technology Features
The technology in the title is used as a differentiation from our other webinars that are more focused on functionality. Basically we will cover a small set of essential capabilities, and how they can improve the benefits you derive from Tally.ERP 9.

Some data operations like backup & restore; how to send E-mails from Tally.ERP 9, data import & export, exporting Excel® spreadsheets for additional analysis & reporting, setting up data security & user permissions, using local languages - these will be demonstrated in this interactive webinar.

 Shoper 9 - Tally.ERP 9 Offline Posting
Configuring an Offline interface between Shoper 9 and Tally.ERP 9 is discussed in detail. Starting from the need for offline interface to the role of TSBridge and its functionality can be learned from this webinar. Some troubleshooting options for Offline posting are also discussed towards the end.

 Data Synchronisation in Shoper 9
Here we discuss about data synchronisation options in Shoper 9. The different modes of communication and configuring sync options both at HO and POS are discussed. For partners who want to learn more about scheduling, this webinar will give them a brief idea on creating schedules and the role of agent in executing schedules.

 Shoper 7.2 Interface with Tally.ERP 9
For those using Shoper 7.2 and want to post data to Tally.ERP 9 for their accounting needs, this webinar is a complete training session. The prerequisites, configuration, functionality and best practises for Shoper 7.2 interfacing are discussed in step-by-step procedures.

 Shoper 9 - Tally.ERP 9 Interface Troubleshooting
In this presentation we look at common problems faced in Shoper 9 TallyERP.9 Interface. Discuss reasons for these problems and the ways to identify the problems. We will also discuss the Tally Interface utilities and their uses.

 Shoper 9 Data Synchronisation Troubleshooting
Here we will look at issues that lead to synchronisation failure. Also, the reason and solution for different issues are discussed in brief. Secondly, the role of log files in identifying synchronisation related issues and reports that show status of synchronisation are touched in this session. Some guidelines that will ensure error free synchronisation are detailed towards the end of the presentation.

 Shoper 9 LiveUpdate
Software needs to be upgraded and modified as and when the usage increases. Shoper 9 LiveUpdate is used to update Shoper 9 with the latest correction, enhancements to the existing/ additional features. This presentation provides an introduction to Shoper 9 LiveUpdate, process of deployment, functionalities and advantages.

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