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Central Sales Tax


Interstate sales and purchases in India attract a Federal Sales Tax (Central Sales Tax, CST). A reduced rate of CST is applicable as well generally for trade or for raw materials which then requires certain forms to be exchanged.

Tally.ERP 9 supports these requirements:
• Interstate sales against 'C' form
• Transit sales against 'E – I' and 'E – II' forms
• Branch transfers / Consignment sales against 'F' form
• Sales to SEZ units against Form I
• Foreign diplomats against Form J
• Deemed exports against Form H
• Interstate purchase transactions
• Interstate sales of exempt goods
• Sale in the course of import

Required CST reports are available:
• CST computation
• CST returns & annexure

For control and reporting these reports are available:
• Forms Issuable
• Forms Receivable

You can also send reminder letters to your customers for forms not yet received from them, as well as create covering letters to send along with forms to your suppliers.