Tally.Developer 9 Release 5 enables you to harness the power of Tally.ERP 9 to deliver world class solutions. With this release, you can save over 80% of your time and ensure 100% compatibility of the Tally customisations.

  • Quickly customise documents such as invoice layouts in Tally.ERP 9 with the help of productivity suites such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel etc.), Open Office etc.
  • Seamlessly migrate customisations from the earlier releases of Tally.ERP 9 to Tally.ERP 9 Release 5 and effectively avoid the risk of migration failures

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The latest version under Tally.Developer 9 Release 5 series is Release 5.4.9 and was launched on 07th December, 2016.

With 5.4.9, we have introduced a new concept called Rule Set. Certain definitions and data types have been introduced to support this concept.

New Definitions:
  • Rule Set - A capability that allows you to define a set of rules that can be single or multi-dimensional. You can evaluate the conditions against each rule efficiently, both from a memory and a performance perspective.
  • Name Set - A capability that helps you to define Name-Value pairs. This helps segregate strings and ensure that strings are separated from the source code expressions. You can define static string data conveniently, and access strings with ease.
New Data Types:
  • Flag Set - A data type you can use to store a set of logical values and perform operations using appropriate functions.
  • Num Set - A data type you can use to store a group of numbers and perform operations using appropriate functions.

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Visit the TDL Reference Manual for more details.