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What sets a company apart is as much in its DNA as its achievements. Shaped for success by the visionary – Late Shri S. S. Goenka, Tally has come a long way. Today, more than two decades since its founding, it enjoys a reputation as India's leading business management software product company.

Class-leading technology & a robust Partner system
Tally powers more than 10 Lakh businesses worldwide. With Bharat Goenka — son of the late founder — at the helm, Tally remains firmly committed to Indian business. A pioneering company, Tally was the first to introduce codeless software, a natural language interface, path-breaking remote functionality and other unique capabilities. It was the first to launch free service and breakaway commercial terms including free upgrades and no charge per seat to transform the ownership experience. Its strong principle right from the early years to reach customers through a dedicated partner network has resulted in a robust partner system.

Over two decades of innovation
Tally products are transforming businesses across industry in over 100 countries. Today, more than 10 Lakh businesses benefit from its product philosophy... the 'Power of Simplicity'.

After Tally, businesses in India were never the same. With Tally, their future looks strong. At Tally, the revolution is very much on.

Tally - Inside Out (Episode 1)

Accounting, Accounting Software, Business Software, Indian Product, Dominant….the list is endless. What is it that defines us and what does success mean to us? Episode 1 of Tally - Inside Out throws light on this and more.
Tally - Inside Out (Episode 2)

Root/ru:t/ The basic cause, source or origin of something. This episode takes us back in time to tell us how it all began and how it shapes everything we do
Tally - Inside Out (Episode 3)

Many call it our philosophy, some our belief. It is in fact our DNA which influences our actions and is indispensable in our journey.
Tally - Inside Out (Episode 4)

Our fundamentals. It inspires us, we love innovating with it and solving business problems through it gives us a kick.
Tally - Inside Out (Episode 5)

Great things are achieved with great partnerships. In this episode, we rendezvous with our strong pillars; Partners in growth.
Tally - Inside Out (Episode 6)

A company is great because it has great people. Dedicated to the people power at Tally.
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Tally - Inside Out (Episode 7)

The future is what we make of it. In the last episode of Tally Inside Out, we share our visualization of the time to come and how we intend to get there.